Jason Garrett calls Daniel Jones “a football guy”

Jason Garrett was the Cowboys offensive coordinator in Tony Romo’s first full season as a starter. He was the head coach of the Cowboys when Romo’s back injury forced rookie Dak Prescott to start in 2016. Garrett takes over as the Giants offensive coordinator this season, getting Daniel Jones in his second season. “Since I’ve […]


Researchers develop a selective chemogenetic actuator to rapidly control neuronal activity and behavior

Chemogenetics is a fairly new area of neuroscience that explores the use of synthetically derived receptors and selective ligands to temporarily activate or deactivate specific brain areas. These receptors are also known as DREADDs (Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs). DREADDs are now widely used in neuroscience and biology to modify neural activity and […]


Aramco CEO sees oil demand picking up as lockdowns ease

Saudi Aramco’s Chief Executive Amin Nasser said on Sunday that he sees oil demand recovering in Asia as economies gradually open up after the easing of coronavirus lockdowns. “Look at China, their gasoline and diesel demand is almost at pre-COVID 19 levels. We are seeing that Asia is picking up and other markets (too),” he […]


Woman swears by ‘game-changing’ hack to change your duvet covers with ease

Changing your duvet covers is a chore that no-one likes to do – and one that we’re often guilty of avoiding. Whilst some people prefer to crawl inside to fix the crinkled corners like you did as a kid, others tend to use the inside out method. Either way, within seconds, you’re left sweating like […]


Pac-12 follows Big 10’s play, cancels football in fall

The Power Five is now down to three. Per multiple reports, the Pac-12 Conference has decided to shelve football for the fall, with the hopes of playing in the spring. They follow the lead of the Big 10, which was the first to make the call earlier today. The Pac-12 has a press conference called […]


PAD patients with depression had worse recovery, women twice as likely to be depressed

Patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) and depressive symptoms experience worse recovery especially women, compared to counterparts without depressive symptoms, one year after receiving specialty care for PAD, according to new research published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open access journal of the American Heart Association. PAD is a narrowing […]


Saudi Aramco says it still plans to pay $75 billion in dividends for 2020

Saudi Aramco still plans to pay $75 billion in dividends this year, the chief executive of the world’s top oil exporting company said on Sunday. “We intend to pay the $75 billion, subject to board approval and market conditions,” Aramco CEO Amin Nasser told reporters on a conference call after announcing the company’s quarterly results. […]


Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines

Cloud gaming is shaping up to have a big moment on mobile starting next month with the launch of Microsoft’s xCloud service, but iOS users are getting left out. And now we know exactly why: Apple won’t allow those products, because of strict App Store guidelines that make cloud services like xCloud and its competitor, […]


Reporter’s ‘f*** my life’ on air swear blunder sums up 2020 for everyone

A Melbourne journalist has apologised after she was caught swearing during a broadcast. Nine News reporter Lana Murphey was on the 4pm bulletin when she stumbled over her words and dropped the F-bomb. Lana appeared to be reporting on the spread of coronavirus in Victoria when she struggled to get the name of a place […]


Will Fuller: Things open up for everyone without DeAndre Hopkins

The Texans made one of the bombshell moves of the offseason when they traded wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals in March and there were a variety of reactions about the impact of the deal on their offense. Whether the outlook was positive or negative, there was no doubt that his departure will leave […]