49ers think versatility will be a big factor this season

There are plenty of unknowns about the 2020 season, including whether teams are going to have to weather the absences of key players at points because of COVID-19.

Depth has been cited as a key for teams as they operate amid the pandemic and there’s no doubt that having strong lower rungs of the depth chart will be important this season. For the 49ers, versatility is also a buzzword.

Right tackle Mike McGlinchey said that being able to plug guys into different spots as needed “will allow us to move as smoothly as possible” when faced with adverse situations. McGlinchey said that makes versatility “absolutely huge” and fullback Kyle Jusczyk concurs with his teammate’s opinion.

“Versatility is really the name of the game in Kyle’s offense,” Juszczyk said, via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “That’s always been the theme here: Everybody has to know every skill position, you have to be interchangeable. That’s just going to play into our strengths and be something we really can use to our advantage this season, in the case guys were to go down. . . . We’re built for that.”

Juszczyk fits the bill as the kind of player who can be slotted all over the offense as needed and defensive back Jimmie Ward has a similar portfolio on the other side of the ball. There will still only be so many holes the team can plug at any one time, so the more players the 49ers can keep on the field the better for their hopes this year.